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Tweet Binder API's Overview

Welcome to the API of Tweet Binder!


As a social media analytics platform, Tweet Binder offers an API that allows developers to access real-time and historical data as well as insights from Twitter. With our API, you can retrieve public information on hashtags, keywords, mentions, users and more. Our documentation provides a comprehensive guide on how to use our API, including endpoints, authentication and response formats.
Whether you're building a social media monitoring tool or simply want to integrate Twitter data into your application, our API is the perfect solution.
With the Tweet Binder API you can collect 3 types of information in three different sets of endpoints or APIs:
  • Tweets and statistics: user tweets, mentions of specific keywords, general stats, user rankings, etc. Provided by our TWEETS API.
  • Public user data such as username, name, location, tweets, etc. Provided by our PROFILES API.
  • User evolution data over time such as followers, followed, lists, likes, etc. Provided by our USER TRACKER API.
There are also some basic endpoints that are common to all the APIs, these are called BASIC ENDPOINTS.
If you need implementation details about endpoints, examples and a postman collection please check our documentation:

APIS Overview

Tweets API

This API is in charge of collecting the tweets and generating the statistics. They can be tweets from a user, from a list of users or tweets that mention hashtags or keywords. You will perform SEARCHES in the API.
When you collect the info after a search, you will receive a REPORT.
This API has a subset of endpoints allows create those Tweet Binder reports, which contains tweets matching a given query and the access to the report stats, tweets, users and so much more.

Types of searches

  1. 1.
    7-day search
    • Contains tweets and stats published in the last 7-days
  2. 2.
    Historical search
    • Contains tweets and stats published at any date in the past (until 2006)
  3. 3.
    Live search
    • Contains tweets published from now into the future

Report features

  • Get report info
    • Check report status, creation date, query and more
  • Get report stats
    • After report is generated will contain the stats: total tweets, users, number or retweets, likes, rankings, devices, etc.
  • List reports
  • Get report publications
  • Export report to json
  • Export report to excel

Profiles API

This API contains a subset of endpoints that allows you to check an account information and get its followers/friends:
  • Get profile info
  • Get profile followers/friends list and optionally add profile information

User Trackers API

Automatically takes Twitter Profiles snapshots of their info and stats every hour. Allows to query this snapshots in order to get relevant information.

Basic endpoints

These are common to all the three APIs.


Use this endpoint to get your API access token by sending your email and password. If you don't have your email/password please contact APPLY NOW for our API and in a few hours you will be able to get your login credentials.

Check balances

Every client in Tweet Binder has a Plan (subscription) with associated Balances. You can check your total balances info and how much have you consumed using this endpoint. Balances show the number of reports or profiles remaining in the current month.
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