Tweet Binder

User Trackers' API endpoints

Tweet Binder’s User Trackers feature allows you to automatically take a snapshot of a twitter account stats periodically and to make queries against these snapshots.

Stats Payload

This is the tracker's information you will receive:
"_id": 1678266000, // Snapshot unix time
"mentions": 2760424, // Mentions count
"tweets": 15671, // Published statuses
"deleted": 41, // Deleted statuses
"originals": 1327, // Original tweets published
"retweetStatuses": 114, // Published Retweets
"retweets": 410247, // Received retweets
"favorites": 1815712, // Received likes
"followers": 33785453, // Followers count
"following": 250, // Following (friends) count
"lists": 31704, // Public lists this account is in
"followersFollowing": 135141.81, // Followers/following ratio
"userValue": 48883.09, // User's economic value (By Tweet Binder)
"engagementValue": 1514.33, // User's engagement value (By Tweet Binder)
"globalScore": 2804045, // Global score (By Tweet Binder)
Fields, as shown in the previous example, are:
  • _id
  • mentions
  • tweets
  • deleted
  • originals
  • retweetStatuses
  • retweets
  • favorites
  • followers
  • following
  • lists
  • followersFollowing
  • userValue
  • engagementValue
  • globalScore

Create user trackers

It allows to create one or more trackers. You just need to pass user screen name (@username in twitter)

List user trackers

It returns a list of user trackers documents

Stop User Trackers

It stops selected trackers. After stopping a tracker your trackers balance will be restored. Know that when stopping a tracker, it will stop collecting information and that "uncollected" information cannot be recovered later.

Get User Tracker stats

It check a tracker stats


There are three main parameters when checking tracker stats. By filtering a tracker by date, you can see how many followers it grew in that period. These parameters are:
  • startDate:
    • Unix time (seconds).
    • Reference date as start to get first stats doc
  • endDate
    • Unix time (seconds).
    • Reference date to get last stats doc
  • isTimeline
    • Optional, boolean
    • If it's false or undefined you will receive a response with two items. Account stats at startDate and accountStats at endDate
    • If it’s true you will receive a response with all the account snapshots between startDate and endDate.